Broadcast Motion Graphics and Branded Content


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The Company

Cheddar News is a news network that primarily covers business, technology, and innovation stories. It was launched in 2016 as an online-only news network, and it has since expanded to include a linear television channel as well as distribution on various streaming platforms. Cheddar News provides live coverage, interviews, and analysis of major events, trends, and personalities in the business and technology worlds. The network is known for its fast-paced, millennial-focused coverage and has gained a large following among younger audiences who are interested in business and tech news.

My Role

As part of the on-air motion graphics team, I was responsible for conceptualizing and creating real-time motion graphics for all on-air segments, pre-taped segments, and breaking news requests. I also worked with on-demand and youtube divisions for more specialized animation projects. My tasks included ranged from custom-branded backgrounds, to show intros and bumpers. I collaborated closely with others on the creative team, as well as executive producers, writers, and on-air talent.

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